Work Injury

Rehabilitation to full function

If you were injured at work, the physiotherapists at Balance Physiotherapy can rehabilitate you back to full function. They will assess your injury and then help you with your recovery. Some examples of work injuries include: back sprains and strains, shoulder tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and neck sprains and strains.

The physiotherapist will ensure that you get the best treatment for your injury and that you are not doing any type of work that will cause further injury or that will hinder your recovery. They will do a functional assessment that will measure what your current function and then determine if you are able to return to work in a modified way, return to full duty or need some time off to recover. Together as a team with your physiotherapist, you will be rehabilitated back to full duties and get back to your regular life.

Lower back injury on a 55 year old female
  • Injured her lower back at work lifting heavy bags.
  • Attended physiotherapy and was diagnosed with a facet joint sprain of her lower back.
  • She was treated with hands on mobilization to decrease the stiffness in her L4/L5 facet joint.
  • Laser therapy was performed to decrease inflammation.
  • She completed an exercise program of core stability.
  • She was able to return to work immediately on modified duty.
  • After 4 weeks she returned to full duties.
  • She continued to attend physiotherapy during this whole process and after 6 weeks was pain free.
Twisted knee on a 40 year old male
  • Attended physiotherapy and was diagnosed with a knee sprain.
  • Performed exercises to strengthen knee and had ultrasound and acupuncture.
  • After 10 sessions returned to full duties at work.