Sports Injury

Continue doing what you love

Physiotherapist’s understand the human body and are able to help people push their limits. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious competitive athlete, a physiotherapist will help you achieve your goals. Most athletes want to continue in their sport and will do so at any cost. They will fight through pain to continue doing the things they love.

Having a physiotherapist to help with diagnosing muscle imbalances, ligament injuries, performing manual techniques to improve flexibility, and using modalities such as acupuncture, laser, ultrasound, dry needling to reduce inflammation can all help an athlete continue in the sport they are so passionate about. The physiotherapist can also be the bad guy and recommend when it is time to take a rest and let the body heal or tell the athlete when it is unsafe to return to their sport.

Some treatments that athletes like to take advantage of that Balance Physiotherapy offers is trigger point dry needling (IMS) and laser therapy. The laser used at Balance Physiotherapy was designed and manufactured in Toronto and the clinic in Toronto has treated patients from some of the major sports teams like the Toronto Raptors. Massage therapy can also help an athlete with their sport. Deep tissue massage can help to reduce scar tissue, improve flexibility and clear congestion such as lactic acid out of the muscles. So whether you’re an athlete in the major leagues or a more of a recreational athlete, the team at Balance Physiotherapy will be able to help you.

45 year old female
  • Started working out at gym and injured back doing plank
  • Saw her family doctor who recommended physiotherapy
  • Came to Balance Physiotherapy because her friend was happy with her treatment.
  • She learned from physiotherapist about her diagnosis and what she needed to do to get back to the gym. This included hands on therapy to loosen a joint in her back. Core stability exercises to strengthen her back so that she would be able to eventually do plank without injuring herself.
  • After 8 sessions was able to return to gym and continue exercising daily.
37 year old male
  • Injured his knee playing ball hockey. Gets low back pain from driving for his job.
  • Found Balance Physiotherapy in the Yellow Pages
  • He learned that he had a ligament injury in his knee. He was provided with strengthening and balancing exercises.
  • Treatment also consisted of decreasing inflammation in his knee with laser therapy. He has now returned to playing ball hockey.
  • He also gets regular massage of his lower back to loosen the muscles.
  • He has now returned to playing ball hockey.
38 year old male
  • Chronic Groin Injuries from playing soccer
  • Came to Balance Physiotherapy for physiotherapy and massage therapy treatment.
  • He learned how to strengthen his groin and correct his muscle imbalances in his hips.
  • He also received dry needling and massage therapy to his leg muscles.
  • Is now able to play in the recreational soccer league relatively pain free.
  • Attends physiotherapy for dry needling for maintenance when legs feel stiff.
  • Is able to sprint and play soccer.
65 year old male
  • Chronic shoulder pain – previous hockey injuries, wants to continue with hockey and golf
  • Came to Balance Physiotherapy because his wife was tired of him complaining of pain.
  • He could barely lift his arms when starting treatment.
  • After 12 sessions of physiotherapy consisting of hands on therapy to loosen shoulder muscles and shoulder joint, strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff and shoulder blade he was able to lift his arms overhead and take off his shirt without difficulty.
  • He went back to playing hockey and golf.