Postural Pain and Headaches

Strengthen and stretch

Postural pain comes in many forms and categories but can lead to things like lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, foot pain, knee pain, mid-back pain and shoulder pain. Some of this may be due to a person’s natural anatomy or due to one not knowing what is proper posture or also not knowing what muscles to strengthen or stretch to improve their posture. As a result some muscles may become overused and painful. A physiotherapist can assess posture and teach you proper posture.

35 year old female
  • 6 months pregnant with lower back, sciatica and pelvic pain.
  • Referred for physiotherapy and massage therapy.
  • Learned some core exercises to stabilize the lumbar spine and pelvis.
  • Had some hands on physiotherapy to help with pain.
  • Had some massage therapy on the pregnancy massage table to help with pain and swelling and relaxation.
  • Has now had her baby with a very successful delivery.
40 year old female
  • Postural pain neck and lower back pain from sitting at a computer.
  • Found Balance Physiotherapy on the internet and called to book initial appointment
  • Attended physiotherapy to learn about proper posture and to mobilize stiff joints in the neck and lower back.
  • Learned exercises to do at her work station and how to set up her work station properly.
  • Attended massage therapy to loosen muscular tension.
  • Now attends massage therapy one time per month to keep her muscles feeling good and to relax after a hard days work.