Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Recovery after an operation

Recovering from an orthopaedic surgery can be very scary. Some examples of surgeries are total knee replacements, ACL repairs, arthroscopic surgery or shoulder reconstruction. Your expectations are to come out of the surgery with full function and no pain. However, that is usually not the case and what you do after the surgery can significantly impact your recovery.

An important component of recovery after surgery is physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will coach you through the rehabilitation process. This usually includes gaining back your range of motion and strength in the affected joint. They will also perform hands on techniques to help you with your pain, swelling and range of motion. Other modalities that can be used for pain and swelling include laser therapy and TENS. Your physiotherapist may also recommend that you attend massage therapy and this will help with pain, decreasing scar tissue as your incisions heal and with gaining back range of motion.

If you require us to come to you in the initial phases of your recovery, we offer home visits. This allows you to heal at home but utilize some of our expertise to get you moving more quickly.

Bilateral knee replacement on a 68 year old male
  • Had 16 sessions of physiotherapy, 6 of which consisted of laser therapy
  • Had 5 massages decrease muscle stiffness
  • Performed a home program that consisted of strengthening and stretching exercises as well as walking. Is now walking in Point Pleasant Park, the Halifax Waterfront and performing several flights of stairs daily.
  • In Depth: Total Knee Replacement
Bilateral carpal tunnel releases on a 58 year old male
  • Attended many sessions of physiotherapy to decrease scar tissue, strengthen arms, and reduce inflammation.
  • His treatment consisted of ultrasound, laser, acupuncture and exercise.
  • Was able to return to work but had to change to a less physical job that was not as repetitive.