Motor Vehicle Accident

Road to recovery

Having a motor vehicle accident can be a very stressful event. Not only is your car usually damaged but so are you. You have to deal with insurance companies and numerous appointments, not to mention your inability to go to work or take care of your family due to your neck and back pain.

Balance Physiotherapy is able to help you. They will help you right from the start with getting the paperwork in place for your physiotherapy and massage therapy treatments. The physiotherapist will diagnose your injuries and help you get on the path to recovery. They will use pain modalities such as ultrasound, laser, acupuncture and TENS to help you through the pain and muscle stiffness in the early stages of the injury.

As you progress, they will get you performing exercises to strengthen your affected body parts and perform hands on techniques to loosen up your tight muscles. You may also need to attend massage therapy to help speed your recovery. The massage therapist will work through your trigger points which are areas of the muscle that become tight from injury. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is best not to wait for treatment thinking the pain will go away in time. It is best to get assessed, figure out the problem and start on the road to recovery.

30 year old female
  • Rear ended another car on the Bicentennial Highway
  • Came to Balance Physiotherapy the next day due to neck stiffness and pain
  • Learned some exercises to gain back range of motion and education regarding the use of ice and heat.
  • After a few sessions was able to get back to regular life.
50 year old female
  • Was hit by a car in a crosswalk. Normally walked 20 km per day.
  • Complained of neck pain and headaches and lower back pain
  • Attended Balance Physiotherapy and was given exercises to stretch and strengthen affected areas.
  • Hands on physiotherapy to loosen tight joints and muscles.
  • Had pain modalities such as TENS and heat.
  • Now attends physiotherapy for maintenance but has returned to walking 20km per day.