Maintain your range of motion

Many people think that when they have arthritis, they are doomed and must live with the pain. This is not true at all. The most important thing when living with arthritic joints is to maintain your range of motion and strength. Physiotherapists and massage therapists are experts in helping with this. Just because your x-ray says you have arthritis, does not mean that you must stop doing the things you love. You can still improve your function.

If your arthritis is severe enough that you require a total knee replacement or total hip replacement, treatment can help you be more comfortable while waiting for such treatments as our healthcare system has people waiting a long time. So if this is you, get some help and improve your function with physiotherapy and massage therapy.

68 year old female
  • Right knee pain due to osteoarthritis
  • Came to physiotherapy because having difficulty with standing and walking.
  • Attended 12 sessions of laser therapy and completed a strengthening and range or motion program.
  • Is now able to control the pain and is much more comfortable while waiting for her total knee replacement.
58 year old female
  • Right hip osteoarthritis and lower back pain.
  • Normally ran 10 km per day but was having difficulty due to pain.
  • Physiotherapist explained how stiffness in right hip was contributing to lower back pain.
  • Worked on exercises to strengthen hip and lower back and improve flexibility of hip.
  • Treatment also included laser therapy to decrease inflammation and trigger point dry needling to loosen tight muscles as well as massage therapy.
  • Was able to return to running 10km per day.