Physiotherapists treat many conditions

Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, athletic injuries, work injuries, back and neck pain, tendonitis and bursitis, pre and post surgical rehabilitation, patellofemoral syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, arthritis, headaches, TMJ and chronic pain, vestibular conditions and more.

Your first visit will involve an assessment

This will consist of a thorough subjective exam and past medical history. Depending on your complaints, we will then conduct a detailed assessment of your joints. This information is used to design an appropriate treatment plan that is specifically suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Many people are referred to physiotherapy treatment by their family doctor; however, no referral is necessary. The appropriate treatment program will decrease your pain and assist you in recovering much faster from injury.

A combination of treatment modalities

Treatment may involve a combination of physiotherapy modalities. Joint mobilization and manipulation, exercise, acupuncture, whirlpool, TENS, interferential current, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, ultrasound, taping and work conditioning, and more.

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