Treatment Methods

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a collective term that entails basic massage techniques that are used to relax muscles, soothe the nervous system and flush the muscles of lactic acid and other toxins. It consists of massage techniques that assist in the return of blood flow to the heart thus promoting better circulation and general well being. Swedish Massage techniques are used in every massage to relieve pain, increase circulation and provide total body relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Injury or postural stress can lead to adhesions developing in muscles. This often causes pain and stiffness in the muscles. Deep tissue massage encourages the proper alignment of muscle tissue by breaking up adhesions deep in the muscles. Deep tissue massage uses the same techniques as Swedish massage but goes deeper into the muscles. This technique can be slightly painful but is an effective means of decreasing stiffness and pain in muscles. The registered massage therapists at Balance Physiotherapy have extensive training in this technique.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the white tissue over every muscle in the body. Often times fascia becomes tight and limits range of motion causing pain and stiffness. Myofascial release therapy utilizes gentle, stationary holds applied to the skin that softly stretches, lengthens and realigns fascia. This is a very gentle technique and is highly effective for alleviating pain and decreasing adhesions. The registered massage therapists at Balance Physiotherapy have extensive training in this technique.

Trigger Point Release

Often times pain develops in a muscle due to what is called a trigger point. This may occur due to postural stress at work, a muscle imbalance or injury. One technique to alleviate a trigger point is to apply ischemic pressure. This stops the blood flow to the muscle momentarily and subsequently causes muscle relaxation. This technique is slightly painful when applied but very effective for reducing pain in the area. The registered massage therapists at Balance Physiotherapy have extensive training in this technique.

Pregnancy Massage

There have been many studies that suggest that massage during pregnancy is effective for improving maternal mood, decreasing depression and anxiety, decreasing pain, obstetrical complications and improving neonatal health and development. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce the mother’s stress levels and therefore reduces the release of harmful stress hormones to the baby.

In addition, the overall benefit of improved mood to maternal and neonatal health has the potential to positively impact the health of individual mothers and children.

Balance Physiotherapy is fully equipped with a pregnancy massage table and our therapists have completed continuing education courses in pregnancy massage and infant massage. They will work collaboratively with your family physician to ensure that your pregnancy is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

Many people suffer from jaw pain and headaches as well as inability to eat due to dysfunction of the TMJ. This can be due to grinding/clenching, dental surgery, motor vehicle collision or other traumas. The massage therapists at Balance Physiotherapy have completed additional training in treatment of the TMJ.

Manual Lymph Drainage

In the acute stages of injury, there can be pain and swelling. Manual Lymph Drainage is a light technique that assists in fluid return to the heart. It is also effective for reducing swelling due to pregnancy, lymphedema or poor circulation.