Aug 31

What Are You Waiting For?

You’ve been sitting at your work desk for 2 years and finally the shoulder and neck pains have become too much. Time to book your bi-annual massage. You’ve been shoveling snow, and shoveling snow…ignoring the rotator cuff and lower back pain that has creeped up. You’ll book a massage in the Spring. You’ve stood behind a cash register for 18 years, accepting lower back and leg pain as “part of the job”, so you simply pop an Advil and continue on with your day. You have decided masking the pain with medication is quick and cost effective. I ask: have any of these, or similar, solutions resulted in long term pain relief? Incrsport_massage_compression.102239eased muscle function or mobility? Are you content with living in pain? No? Then what are you waiting for?

It is sadly too common for a Registered Massage Therapist to hear from their patients, “I just couldn’t take it (the pain) anymore”, “my insurance ran out”, “I don’t have time for a massage”. You should never wait until the muscles have gotten to the breaking point – literally, they will strain (tear) – to seek treatment. Insurance is not the only way to receive a massage: save money time to time as a massage fund instead of a rainy day fund. Your health is very important and should be a priority. Ask friends and family for Massage Therapy gift certificates from your treatment clinic. Spread your insurance out to one treatment every month or two a year. Rob a bank…no, wait, don’t do that. Finally, make time for yourself and your health so your muscles do not reach the breaking point. Make this step easier by pre-booking appointments and making your health, your massage, and your muscles, a part of your regular schedule.

The more consistent you are with your massage therapy treatments the healthier and more mobile your muscles remain to help avoid muscle strains, trigger points (knots in the muscles), and pain. Using massage as a “quick fix” is less beneficial than using massage for preventing the issue in the first place. Of course unexpected strains and pains will occur even with consistent treatment (life happens) and your Massage Therapist is shutterstock_small_neck65812537.102328there for those times as well.

Remember, when an injury is recent and inflammation is still present, your Massage Therapist cannot massage directly over the area. Lighter, specific techniques can be used and surrounding areas can be massaged, but consider first booking an appointment with your Physiotherapist so she/he can help reduce pain and lessen the inflammation in the area. Wait several days (depending on injury severity) so your Registered Massage Therapist can then work through those tight muscles and any present scar tissue. Beyond unexpected injuries, keep your regular monthly to bi-monthly massage therapy treatments for injury prevention and general health.

– Serena Dixon, MT
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