Apr 9

Swing Into Spring!

I may not be a golfer myself, but I’m told that your hands, arms, legs, and hips need to come through the shot together in order to consistently hit the ball as best you can. Now if there’s one thing I do understand it’s hands, arms, legsgolf, and hips. And even more importantly how they work together to produce movement. So whether your a weekend warrior or a touring professional, I believe that including regular massage therapy treatments to your training program could help avoid injury, enhance golf performance, and allow you to play pain free golf.

Golf requires explosive power for driving off the tee and fairways. It’s these repeated powerful actions that can put stress on the tissues and cause injuries. As a Massage Therapist I attend to a handful of injuries commonly experienced by golfers. With the most frequent being: low back pain, shoulder pain, golfers elbow, and knee pain. I see acute injuries (having a sudden onset,and sharp pain) like muscle strains and sprains, as well as overuse injuries like tendonitis. In order for your muscles to work powerfully, and fluidly together they need to be free of pain, toxins, and adhesions. A Massage Therapy treatment will increase circulation which assists in removing metabolic waste that can accumulate in the muscles due to the overuse and repetitive motion of a golf swing. Massaging deep into the soft tissue layers can help break down adhesions, which when fully released will increased range of motion and flexibility resulting in increased power and performance. A Massage Therapist can also help reduce muscle spasms and trigger points that need to be addressed to help prevent injury and improve quality of movement as well as decrease anxiety and stress levels to increase mental focus.

With spring comes the sense of rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth. Seems fitting that it’s the opportune moment to prep muscles for sports and the increased activity to come as we leave the colder months behind. If golfing isn’t your forte that’s fine, a Massage Therapy treatment can provide numerous benefits fgolf-shoulder-painor all types of personnel, athletes, and sports. As an athlete myself I understand that everyone will have their own unique set of goals specific to their body and the sport/activity they chose to participate in. Therefore it’s important to discuss what you want to achieve through Massage Therapy with your therapist, for every therapist will have different training, techniques, and styles that differentiate them from others. Anyway you slice it I’m confident that a Massage Therapy program will have you swinging into spring in full force.

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