Oct 21

Avoid the Couch Potato Syndrome

couch-potato1.090214Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are settling in to our fall routines. Our daylight hours are diminishing, the session premieres of our favourite television shows have started, and we crave soups and stews.  All of these things play into what I call couch potato syndrome. If you have a hard time with motivation this time of year, perhaps it is time to set some fitness and health goals.  After all, we want to look good for the Christmas parties and festivities coming up in December.

At Balance Physiotherapy we encourage people to live an active healthy lifestyle and we want you to be successful.  So perhaps this means you need to join a basketball, curling or hockey league or just get back to the gym.  There are many activities in the community that help people maintain a healthy living lifestyle at an affordable cost.  However, some people need some help along the way.  If you are struggling with the finite balance between living healthier by exercising and avoiding injury, physiotherapists and massage therapists are able to help you.  Physiotherapists will recommend the right activity for you! Physiotherapists are also specialists in prescribing exercise and helping you tweak your exercise program so that it tailors your needs and ailments.  Often it is just a slight adjustment to your form while you perform a lunge or squat or correcting the way you bend with your back rather than your legs.  Other times, you may require a certain muscle to be strengthened because you have a muscle imbalance, or perhaps you need some specific exercises to target your core and get rid of the tummy bulge.  A physiotherapist will observe your movement patterns and make professional recommendations that you can trust.

Massage therapists are able to provide deep tissue techniques to get to the sore spots that you may have developed due to your new exercise regime.  Often with a few massages, it enables the body to do more at the gym, on the court or ice.  Massage also helps to flush out lactic acid.  Lactic acid is a bi-product of working our muscles hard and is what causes our muscles to feel sore for up to two days after exercising.

So if you are struggling with your current exercise program or would like to start one and don’t know where to start, consider booking an appointment at Balance Physiotherapy. The professional staff will get you pointed in the right direction so that you’re off the couch and maintaining the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Liz van Zutphen, PT