Aug 20

Are You A Victim of Summer Vacation?

I ask this question because over the past several weeks many people have come into the clinic with sore backs and necks from sleeping in different beds or using bad pillows. Others have come in complaining of foot pain, calf pain, hip pain, or back pain from wearing flip flops or walking bare foot on the beach. Yes, all of these things can cause pain in our bodies and sometimes these pains linger long after our vacation is over.

I will first speak about poor posture while sleeping…The thing is, provided we are getting our 8 hours of sleep, we spend ¼ of the day sleeping or in bed. Many people have a certain position they sleep in, and if they are having a good sleep, will be in that position for several hours without moving. If they are sleeping well but in a bad position for the neck or back, as caused by a bad bed or pillow, they may wake up in the morning with back or neck pain. For some people, this pain will linger and not go away. Muscles may have spasmed or facet joints of the back have ceased and they end up in the physiotherapy or massage therapy office. The good news is that we can help. We will assess to see what damage you have done and start your treatment right away. You may require some joint mobilizations to loosen the joints in your back or a deep tissue massage to alleviate your tight muscles. We might advise you to bring your own pillow with you when you travel. Whatever it be, there is no need to suffer for the remainder of the summer

Now for the flip flops and barefoot walking on the beach…. When it comes to flip flops and walking barefoot, there is no support for the arch of the foot. In addition, walking on sand puts your foot in a very unstable position where the muscles have to work hard to balance your body. Unless you have the muscular strength in your feet to support your arches and ankles, you will end up with some sort of lower extremity ailment as a result of poor footwear choices. Most people don’t want to listen to me and end up wearing the flip flops anyway so for you people, don’t worry, at Balance Physiotherapy we can help you with your vacation woes. We will assess you and determine what you have injured and put you on the path to recovery so that you can enjoy the rest of your summer. Be pain free and happy this summer, call us today!!

Stay tuned for our next article on Trigger Point Dry Needling!