Welcome to Balance Physiotherapy

Liz van Zutphen, PT

Liz van Zutphen, PT

You are making a great choice when you book an appointment with Balance Physiotherapy because we are a unique clinic. We understand pain and injury and we can help!  We treat and rehabilitate all types of injuries and pain. We do this by providing one on one attention, engaging you in exciting treatment plans and celebrating your victories. We want patients that feel better and as a result are happy!

Our healthcare team are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and our environment is warm and welcoming. Working with our therapists you will learn what is causing your pain and you will come up with strategies to combat your pain and get you back to living the active lifestyle you want to lead. You will achieve results quickly as most people feel better after the first visit. We want you to boast to your family, friends and co-workers about us and the help that you receive from us. No referral is necessary, we are located in a convenient location on Joseph Howe Dr in Halifax and we welcome all new patients.

To find your balance and achieve optimal physical health, call us today!

Elizabeth van Zutphen, PT and Owner
Elizabeth van Zutphen